The Asian Herpetologist (eISSN: 0000-0000)

The Asian Herpetologist is an International, Open Access (CC BY), Peer Reviewed, Online journal devoted to herpetology in Asia. The journal accepts original papers on morphology, taxonomy, diversity, species and their ecology, systematics, evolution, and biogeography of Asian herpetofauna. It is published biannually by the Asian Herpetological Association (AHA) since August 2024.

Medium: English

Editor-in-chief: Dr. A. A. Thasun

Warta Herpetofauna (eISSN: 1978-6689)

Warta Herpetofauna is a local, Open Access (CC BY), Online magazine devoted to herpetology in Indonesia. The journal accepts articles on observations, natural history, news and activities related to world herpetofauna. It is published biannually by the Herpetological Society of Indonesia (Perhimpunan Herpetologi Indonesia; PHI) since July 2004.

Medium: Bahasa Indonesia

Editor-in-chief: Mr. Donan Satria Yudha

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