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We are a group of Indonesian herpetologists work toward a common goal⸻herpetology in Asia.

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The Asian Herpetologist (ISSN: 0000-0000) is the official journal of the Asian Herpetological Association (AHA).

The Asian Herpetologist is an International, Open Access (CC BY), Peer Reviewed, Online journal devoted to herpetology in Asia. The journal accepts original papers on morphology, taxonomy, diversity, species and their ecology, systematics, evolution, and biogeography of Asian herpetofauna.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of different individuals from both private and government affiliated institutions with varying levels of authority and skills. As the principal investigators of the project, we (three of us) plan, design, manage, and oversee all the activities conducted by the team.

A. A. Thasun, PhD

Research & Education

Amir Hamidy, PhD

Policy & Administration

Awal Riyanto, MSc

Logistics & Management

Donate to Research & Conservation

We are a nonprofit. Your generous support will be directed towards unrestricted core research funding. This flexible funding allows us to allocate resources where they are most needed, ensuring that we can continue to research the Asian herpetofauna and discoveries that inform public knowledge. Your unrestricted support will make a vital difference — providing the long-term research stability and independence necessary for our most important conservation work.

Plant a Tree Donation


per plant

Our ‘Plant a Tree’ campaign is a major forest restoration program on Java Island. Our goal is to plant 35 million trees in a 17,000-hectare bare land on Java to slow the connected crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. A 35 million is a big number, but we know we can do it together.

to Research


per project

Our student research grant program (USD 300) is designed to support undergraduate student research in Herpetology. Our goal is to promote ecology and biogeography research among university students as most of the reptile and amphibian species are neglected to study.

Sponsor a Graduate Student


per student

Our graduate research programs are designed to support graduate students who encounter unexpected research expenses (research supplies or core-facility charges) that are needed to complete their dissertation on time and help to develop their careers without any delays.









Our Activities

Herping Tours

Herping Tours in Indonesia covering Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan Borneo, Sulawesi, Komodo, and Papua offer a unique opportunity to explore the diverse and exotic reptiles and amphibians.

Herp School

If you want to be a herpetologist and you already have a strong desire to study reptiles and amphibians for the road to a career in herpetology? — join our Herpetology Summer School.

Herp Consulting

Our herpetology consulting provides a full range of services to private companies, governmental agencies, and NGOs. We help with habitat evaluations, species inventories, and impact assessments.

Herp Funding

Are you a student and seeking a research grant in herpetology? We are one of the few organizations that dedicated to promoting herp research, conservation, and education.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any general or technical questions about Asian herpetofauna or our activities and services, please contact us.

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